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First Oral Sex
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First Time Performing Fellatio | First Time Performing Cunnilingus

The first attempt you make to give oral sex can be one of the most wonderful experiences of your sexual lives. However, without the right knowledge and guidelines it can also be a disaster. This guide attempts to answer your questions and pose some guidelines for you to follow so that this experience will be wonderful for both you and your partner. It should also be noted that the best way to learn is to experiment and learn from feedback. Different people like different things, so be sure to communicate with your lover before, during, and after the experience. This can only help.

First Time Performing Fellatio (blowjobs)

First of all, there are a few simple guidelines you can keep in mind when you are sucking your man's penis that will greatly improve the quality. For best results, try using at least some variety with these to make them "your own" techniques and your man will love you all the more for it:

1. Really like the penis that you're sucking. Act like you absolutely love giving him a blowjob. This is much easier if you really do. If he knows you love doing it, he'll relax and enjoy it more.
2. Don't let any air in through the back of the throat, make big vacuum.
3. Use horizontal strumming with the tongue across the base of the head on the underside of the penis to make it hard if its not already, if it is then use this to tease it.
4. Use the top of the tongue to make friction on the head, pressing it up against the roof of the mouth.
5. Watch your teeth. This seems pretty obvious but if they are pressing against the penis as you stroke, it can pretty much kill the sensation. keep them retracted and let your tongue and lips do the talking.

With these in mind, here are some more pieces of general advice for novice cock-sucking:

Deep-throating apparently requires handling the gag reflex by swallowing when it happens. In my opinion, it isn't that important. Complete enclosure isn't the strong point of oral stimulation. If that is important to you, try something else. She may be able to help by using her hands on the part of the shaft she can't enclose. The advantage of oral stimulation is the control and variety it provides, which are only available with shallow penetration anyway.

It can help if you are hungry when you do it. Never attempt going down on a guy if you've eaten a big meal recently. Make sure that you're not thirsty when you start. For some reason thirst closes up the back of your throat.

Also, concentrate on breathing through your nose deeply while doing it. (This is the only way I can hold off choking on my toothbrush every morning.)

Vary your pace of stroking up and down. He'll most likely cum once you get faster and keep going.

According to Linda Lovelace of "Deep Throat" fame, the most comfortable way to give a blow job is if your throat is straight. In order to achieve this, try laying on his chest.

She also suggests that you practice by sticking your fingers down your throat and wiggling them around until you feel the gag reflex and then ease off. Repeat until you've defeated the reflex, it'll take time she says.

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First Time Performing Cunnilingus (Eating her out)

First of all, recognize that women prefer gentler and more rhythmic stimulation than men. An advantage of using the tongue instead of the fingers is that it naturally produces about the right amount of pressure. Stimulation inside the vagina needs to be firmer and also requires more reach, so it is better handled with the fingers. If she is sensitive internally, there is no reason to be a purist and insist on using only your mouth. Trying to apply firm pressure or get too much reach with my tongue is the only way I've ever had it get tired. Otherwise it seems to be inexhaustible for hours.

The tongue and lips are obviously the source of most oral stimulation. I have read descriptions of using the teeth for stimulation but I don't recommend it. The tissues are very sensitive and one uncontrolled body movement from her could cause a lot of pain and leave a scratch. This can also occur with fingernails, so keep them short and file them off with no rough edges. The only use I've found for teeth during oral sex is pressing their front surface through the cushion of the upper lip to apply firm pressure to the buried root of the clitoris at the base of the pubic bone. If she really wants hard pressure on the clitoris, you might try using your teeth with your lips rolled inwards to cover the surfaces (a technique borrowed from nipple stimulation).

The clitoris is your main area of concentration. Some women don't like it to be stimulated directly because it is too sensitive. It also may disappear under its hood at some stages of arousal and stopping to try and locate it again disrupts the stimulation. In both these cases, the hood and labia (lips) nearby should be stimulated to indirectly stimulate the clitoris. The labia are sensitive themselves as well. Trying to stimulate the vagina orally is difficult and not very effective except for a little variety.

There is a wide variety of types of stimulation that can be used. The tongue can be used flat to broadly stroke areas or pointed to tease a small area. Linear, circular or any other imaginable motions can be used. The lips can apply suction, press something between them, or have their wet and outward rolled inner surfaces used for broad strokes like the tongue. The nose can provide some interesting stimulation when the tongue is occupied lower down.

You can blow a narrow stream of cool air at a spot or breathe warm air over an entire area (just don't try to inflate the vagina, it may be dangerous). Experiment and find out what works best for you and your partner. It may change at different times and levels of arousal. Light teasing and varied stimulation are good for early arousal, but steady rhythmic stimulation is best for bringing her to orgasm. You just have to learn her responses to avoid changing stimulation too quickly for her to get excited or staying with the same stimulation after it has lost effectiveness.

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