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Premature Ejaculation
Perhaps one of the most frustrating sexual blunders for men, second to impotence, is premature ejaculation. What happens is these men get so excited that they orgasm and ejaculate very early in the sexual experience, before intercourse or shortly after penetration is accomplished. This can be very frustrating, as it shortens the love-making session for both partners, decreases the enjoyment of the orgasm of the man, and occurs before the woman has had much of a chance to become stimulated, much less achieve orgasm. Fortunately though, there are several things you can do to increase your sexual stamina and make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner.


The most important aspect of a relationship is communication. This is no different, and in fact is more important for a sexual relationship. If you're having problems, talk with your partner about it. Don't be ashamed to discuss the situation and try to come up with mutual solutions to your problems. If you're ejaculating too early, talk with them about some of the things you could try to make love-making last longer and more enjoyable for both of you.

Stopping and starting

Many men that ask for help in prolonging their coital experiences never even consider the possibility of interrupting intercourse in order to prolong their sexual tension. Love-making can be a very deep and detailed experience, and doesn't merely have to be intercourse alone. Once you are about to reach the point of no return, try withdrawing and stimulating your partner for a while by masturbating her or performing cunnilingus. Of course, you should talk with them before you engage in sexual activity so you know what she likes and is willing to let you try. Once you've stimulated her for a while, and given your organ a chance to settle down a bit from lack of direct stimulation, resume intercourse. Stop again once you get too excited, and repeat the process as long as you want. Women often take much longer to reach a climax than men in the first place, so increasing your stamina can help even out the field and help both of you enjoy sex even more.

Foreplay and sexual positions

Often couples will engage in extremely erotic foreplay, which leads into the most stimulating sexual positions for both couples. If you find yourself getting too excited because your pace is much too fast, just slow down. Take time to enjoy every little aspect of the love-making experience with your partner. Talking, cuddling, kissing, and messages can all serve to slow things down and help both of you get closer to each other sexually and emotionally as you enjoy the total sexual experience.

Squeeze it

Right before you feel you are about to ejaculate, try withdrawing fully or partially and squeezing the base of your penis by wrapping your thumb and index finger around it, applying firm pressure. You can also have her do this if she wants. This lessens the tension and holds back the ejaculatory response, but be sure to apply it before you start ejaculating, once you start its too late!

You can also try applying this technique just under the head of the penis. Once the urge to purge has subsided a bit, resume intercourse for a while and see if it is helping you.


Many couples claim that wearing condoms lessens the feeling and sensitivity of intercourse substantially for both of them, so if you aren't wearing them to protect yourself, try wearing them to increase your stamina.


Perhaps the best method for releasing tension and increasing sexual stamina involves masturbating before a sexual experience. Don't do it RIGHT before you have sex, but for example if you are going to go see her, masturbate a few hours before you'll be having sex.


Using just one of these techniques can easily become tiresome after a while. Try using different techniques to slow yourself down, and you'll be sure to keep the act exciting and fresh!
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