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Perhaps you've thought to yourself, "Maybe I just need to buy a sex manual, but is there some really good way a man and woman can entwine themselves for lovemaking, lying on their sides, to share not only sex but love as well?"

The answer is, "Just be spoons!"

Spooning is semi-sexual position where the two partners lie, tightly entertwined, in a position that is great for boosting the intimacy level of a sexual experience. The man lies facing the woman's back, with one arm slipped under her (between her hip and her ribs is less squishy) and the other wrapped around her from the top. The woman will need to draw one or both knees up toward her chest to give the man space to enter.

Lying face to face while spooning is much more difficult. If the man is slightly built she might possibly be able to draw her lower leg up under the man's waist and hug him round the buttocks with her calves. Generally though, face-to-face on the side sex allows such shallow penetration that sex is not dreadfully satisfying, but it's great to tease one another with. And sometimes it seems more like a sex-sharing experience when you have the giggles together.


Stimulates the woman's G-spot
All hands are free for manual stimulation
Very intimate and sensual, even fun
Good during pregnancy


Someone always has to rest a leg on top of their partner, can be uncomfortable
Deep pelvic thrusting is difficult

Either way, it's a lovely position for slow languorous lovemaking, but not so good for the hard and fast/short on time type of experience. Because of this, spooning is a wonderful way to enhance a bond in an intimate relationship and to draw out the session when you have all the time in the world to spare and you want to not only satisfy each other sexually but make yourselves happy together as well.
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